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6 Weeks Old, Emery Rose

There are SO MANY EXCITING THINGS happening today that I’m quite literally about to EXPLODE!! 💥 I’ll post about ALL THA THINGS later tho... 💁🏼‍♀️ FIRST, I can’t kick off today without celebrating this adorable little NUGGET who is officially 6 weeks old!!! 🙉 🙌🏼 Emery Rose (who’ve we’ve taken to calling Em) is growing & growing & now completely grown out of newborn clothes!! 😍 She’s been SMILING this week, which has been INCREDIBLE to witness, (but we’ve yet to catch on camera)! 💕 She’s been LOVING the contrast cards & tummy time on her Lovevery playmat... literally the BEST baby purchase we’ve made this time around!! 👭 Big sister Austyn is completely OBSESSED with helping mom with little sister & begs to hold her all the time (which is about the only time Austyn will actually sit still)!! So very grateful for our beautiful rainbow baby. 🌈👶🏼🙏🏼 >> Friends, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!! Heading out soon for SUCH a busy but EXCITING day!! Follow my INSTA stories to see more!! 👉🏼Instagram .com / AlyssaGalios 📸: Sparrow & Sea Photography #GaliosHouse #EmeryRose

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