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Push through the fear & change mindset

Okay... Can I be SUPER REAL with you guys for a second?

Yesterday, I was a guest speaker on a video call for a team of over 8,000 other health & fitness coaches!! And, right before I was about to hop on & deliver the content I'd been working on for three days... I got INSANELY nervous!! 😱

Some people might think its funny... that I've built this business, this platform, my book... around being BRAVE. That #MadeforBrave is literally my life mantra since I admit to you guys that I still get a little "scaredy-cat" once in a while. But, you know what we all have to remember?!

It's not that brave people DON'T get scared... it's that they PUSH THROUGH the fear & DO-THE-DANG-THING anyway!!

What did I speak on last night? I went into full-nerd-mode, talking about one of my FAVORITE subjects - how to SHIFT your mindset from negative to positive. I showed them my MINDSET JOURNAL that helped ME take MY mindset to posi-vibe-only island!! And, how to create a Mindset Journal for themselves! 📝

I remember back when I first started trying to shift my mindset... I was scared of that too. Because WHO would I be without my excuses? What would I say without my complaints? I had to choose to push through that fear too! The fear of discovering WHO I REALLY WAS underneath all of my negative-nancy garb.

Being BRAVE, in my opinion, is truly what this life is about. THIS is HOW we grow. THROUGH our fears. THIS is how we change our mindset. THIS is how we change our lives.

In the end, the call went better than expected. My instagram blew up with messages of gratitude & I'm counting that as further proof. 😍

And... You know what else?? I'm SO HAPPY that I took the leap last night. Because if I listened to the FEAR & let my jitters get the best of me, I wouldn't be SMILING RIGHT NOW ear-to-ear telling you that I was just asked to share the same talk next week in a Mastermind group for some crazy awesome entrepreneurs...!!

Being Brave sure can be tough the moment. But, dang, its so worth the CRAZY INCREDIBLE wave of GRATEFULNESS that you get to ride after. 👊You'll never know unless you try. You'll never know unless you BRAVE.

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