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Girl, Wash Your Face!!

We are adding a new element to Made for Brave's Fit Tribes this month and we couldn't be more stoked!! Along with getting our HEALTH in line for our bodies, we are ALL about being your BEST SELF in all areas of life - including your mind, body AND soul!! So, along with the daily assignments to move yourself forward in your journey, checking in each day with your tribe with your workout (which is the super secret sauce to stayin in shape yall) & eating right... You can join us in a Brave Babes Book Club of sorts! This month we will be reading "Girl, Wash Your Face" By: Rachel Hollis! My sister, Kinslee, who is a co-hosting May with me, has already read the whole thing and LOVED it! And, I decided to try to scope it out first hand and had to STOP MYSELF at chapter 3 before I finished the whole thing in one sitting! Rachel is hilarious, entertaining and SO DANG REAL & will help you so much on your journey to finding your best self! SOO EXCITED for this! Click the link below or the image above to order your copy today! :D

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