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Every new day...

The sun was hot against my skin, I forgot my sunglasses & I was starting to sweat but I was SO OVERWHELMED with joy & contentment that my eyes were nearly overflowing. Just another Sunday spent with the family, soaking up this gorgeous weather... eating street tacos, holding Austyn’s hand, checking out the flower bouquets, flirting with my handsome man, scoping out handmade treasures, changing another hundred diapers... & yet, today couldn’t have been any DIFFERENT. Because EVERY SINGLE DAY is a new gift. Because EVERY SINGLE DAY we are a new version of ourselves. Because every single day is FULL of new experiences, no two days are the same. EVEN IF what you’re doing seems mundane. Even if it’s with the same people. Even if you don’t feel different than you were last week.... It’s all NEW! No two moments are actually alike if you think about it. If we all slow down long enough (believe me, I know that’s a tall order some days)... you’ll see it. Every new day is a new opportunity to discover the mini miracles in every moment. 💕

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