Jay & I took Emery for her first little hike today.

As we pushed through the trail, with Austyn skipping up ahead with her Auntie... I was reminded yet again how incredibly important it is to love EVERY step of the J O U R N E Y. ✨

Even as you’re trudging uphill, through the woods, you’ve gotta find a way to enjoy it just as much ((or MORE)) as you’ll love getting to the top. Let me explain. 🤗

In my late teens & early twenties... I was a major workaholic. #confession I entered the business world at 19 year old & worked HARD toward my career goals. My big ambitions, commitment & hard work ethic meant looonnnng DAYS, business trips, & horrible commutes.

But, it also meant... endless promotions, countless bonuses & all sorts of business opportunities.

By the time I was 25 years old, my husband and I had surpassed our income goals, we owned my dream house, & could afford all the nice cars. We had plenty of vacation time & could have even afforded quite a bit of unpaid time off, but did we use it?! NOPE. Too. Busy.

We worked so hard that we didn’t even THINK about taking a vacation for almost four years.

To make matters worse, at the height of our biz careers... my hubby was diagnosed with cancer & that’s when it hit me - Like a 2x4 to the face!!


I hadn’t taken the TIME to appreciate the journey along the way. I had been SO HEAD DOWN & focused on my goals, I had MISSED OUT on what really MATTERE