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Stop Comparing Your Behind-The-Scenes

These pictures were taken TWO MINUTES APART. ✌🏼 TWO. . Ladies 💁🏼‍♀️ I need y’all to remember something. . 👉🏼 YOU see your own body in some of THEE MOST unflattering positions. We ALL have rolls when we sit & none of us looks wildly attractive from EVERY angle. Promise. . What you typically see on social media is ALWAYS going to be the BEST angles & the BEST lighting. (** & I would be remiss not to mention that many images on social media even feature bodies that have been HIGHLY photoshopped.) 📸 . Nothing AT ALL wrong with posting our best pics (of course) but... But, this PSA is to remind women & girls everywhere to: . ✋🏼 STOP comparing your “behind-the-scenes” to everyone else’s “Highlight Reel.” . Your body is uniquely YOURS 💕 & you were NEVER meant to look like anybody else. . YOU are B R A V E & B E A U T I F U L just the way you are!! Don’t you forget it! 😘 . . . . . . . . #MadeforBrave

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