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I Surrender to the Storyteller

SURRENDER to the STORY being written by the One who knows you best. ⁣✨ Sometimes I think I have *REALLY* good ideas about the way my life should go. Its funny how often I think that my ideas & plans are so good, when in reality, no matter *how good* they are, they are limited my my very humanness. I don’t know much. Especially when you compare it to what the Creator Of the Universe knows. I’m just one soul. ⁣☝🏼 What IF we fully surrendered to the plans of the ALL-Knowing? What if instead of spending all of our time trying to figure out what is best for ourselves, we left that up to the one who made us? ⁣ I don’t know about you, but I would rather let an all-knowing God lead the PLAN for my life, than the ideas of an *unknowing* me. ⁣🙏🏼 I SURRENDER to the STORYTELLER. Because I know gonna be so much wilder, so much richer & so much more incredible than whatever small thing I’ve imagined for myself. ⁣💕 #MadeforBrave Register for updates on my upcoming book release here:

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