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PROGRESS Instead of Perfection

When you’re in tune with your Creator, you discover new dimensions, new depth to life. The leaf on the tree, the words of the song, the light in the eyes of a stranger, the letters printed on the page. you start seeing it all with NEW eyes. ✨⁣ Things that were previously flat, one dimension, a singular tone transform into richer, fuller... whole. You see things that were once invisible to you. You feel things that once felt impossible for you. ⁣ You discover a greater potential, not just in yourself, but in everything around you. The leaf on the ground, the laughter of your children, the cars stopped on the freeway, the slightly open window, & even the padlocked door. Potential in the cry of a newborn baby &, yes, shining bright potential even in the darkness of the grave that’s been overcome. 💕⁣ Nothing is untouched. Nothing is impossible. ⁣ & NO. THING. is without hope. ⁣ Has there ever been a time in your life where you’ve felt that way? Completely connected to everything around you? That. Was JUST the beginning of you discovering what it feels like to be in constant relationship with our Maker & everything He made. But, we can be like THAT in every moment, IMAGINE how many intricate beautiful collisions of purpose you’ll find in the moments that string together & make a life. 🙏🏼⁣ If you haven’t ever felt that & you wish to, I challenge you to ask for it. Not just once. But over & over again. He will give wisdom to those who seek it. He will grant love to those who reach for it. ⁣ Perspective like this is a decision. I’m not perfect at it by ANY means. But when I focus on getting closer; PROGRESS instead of perfection. CONSTANT FLOW is something that I find is ALWAYS closer than I think. 🙌🏼⁣ #MadeforBrave

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