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When my husband passed away, I became a single widowed mom of a nine month old little girl. >>> Fast forward a few years & I was struggling, ESPECIALLY PHYSICALLY.

I was so dang tired & so dang sick all of the time. I barely had the energy to even do a load of laundry at the end of the day, let alone do a workout. #momlife ⁣😬 I was completely out of hope. I had tried everything. Gyms, nutritionists, doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists... I NEEDED an answer. 😭 I was on the#strugglebus hard & couldn’t figure out how to get off. Until... ⁣ I discovered my Fit Tribe. That’s when I rediscovered: ⁣ ✨ my energy ⁣ ☺️ my confidence ⁣

- my strength⁣ And, a HEALTHY way to live, eat & BE. EVERYTHING changed for me on the day I decided to take the leap. I didn’t know it then that it would impact my life so much in ALL areas, not just health & fitness. ⁣ I had NO CLUE it would lead here:⁣ To a place where I get to spend ALL DAY cuddling my girls... ⁣ 😍 Where I get to work all day with my husband while we both make our faith, our family & our health a priority...⁣ 💯 & where I have energy out the wazzoo, even after having baby #2!! ⁣ If you’ve been thinking about joining us, wondering what this could maybe do for you... Do it NOW because later becomes NEVER. ⁣ Shoot me a message for details. Go out on a limb & throw your hat in the ring. Give it a shot. Because YOU. ARE. SOOOO. WORTH. IT. 💯

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