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Staying Connected

It’s a little too easy to lose yourselves in the HUSTLE & BUSTLE of life. 😬

Even MORESO if you’re a parent & add an extra dallop of crazysauce 😜 for those of us running our own businesses at the same time.

Jay & I decided very early on in our relationship (and again when we realized that we really wanted to treat this fitness gig as an ACTUAL BUSINESS) that we would actively be aware of where our time was spent. That we wouldn’t let our priorities get out of line.

I don’t believe there is a PERFECT balance in life. I think there are times when certain areas of your life are going to require more focus or attention, but within those hustle seasons of life, the crazy early years of kids, MAKE SURE you carve out time for the two of you. 💯

I know it’s a pain sometimes to try to find childcare, but, you guys, it’s ALWAYS worth it to strengthen your relationship with your person. 😌

TODAY is a day of HUSTLING HARD at the #GaliosHouse, but Friday night date night is only ONE NIGHT away!!

Do YOU have scheduled down time with your significant other?! What do you guys do to make sure you stay connected?!

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