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I got some weird looks at the nail salon yesterday. I might have had something stuck in my teeth but truthfully I think it was because .... I. CANNOT. stop. SMILING. 😁

Truthfully, I’m so stinking tired from the crazy number of hours I’ve worked helping babes get set up for our next Fit Tribe... BUT literally at the exact same time - I’m SO FREAKING FIRED UP about the number of people getting set up to take back control of their MINDSET & their HEALTH!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Most of you know, I’ve been running these online fitness accountability tribes for two years & helping other babes launch their own fit tribes. But, I feel like I’m FINALLY finding my groove with that second bit. And, seeing the ripple effect that the Made for Brave is creating is just ROCKING. MY. WORLD.

Because, as a TEAM, we can help MORE people achieve healthy lifestyles than I could ever do on my own. Because, the girls & guys that join us will impact & influence & relate to DIFFERENT people than I do! 😍

And the MORE people we help figure out how to EAT CLEAN & EXERCISE every day in this CRAZY modern world, the LESS families will have to deal with LOSSES like mine.

This ISN’T about me, you guys. The success we’ve seen, the amazing before & afters, the lessons learned... NONE OF IT has been done alone. Our team TRULY feels more like FAMILY to me & I couldn’t be MORE GRATEFUL for each & every member of the Made for Brave family. 😌

You guys are my HEROS. Because, not only are you showing up for yourself by being your best you; you’re showing up for your families & your friends by taking care of this one life; ANND ANNND you’re showing ANYONE & EVERYONE ELSE who is ready to make a POSITIVE SHIFT in their life that it CAN. BE. DONE.

I’ve got a crazy long to-do list today full of fun family stuff & work stuff & even book stuff!! BUT, you better bet, I’m not going to sleep until all my messages are answered. 😋

I’m NOT slowing down because I know there are more people out there like me who want to make ONE more move. There are people out there who DONT WANT to give up!!

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