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Birthday Shenanigans

A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to my better half! LORD KNOWS, he deserves it!! 😍

It’s been a week of shenanigans celebrating this guy & his 32 years of life. 🎉

If you’ve been following along in my stories on Instagram, you’ve probably seen our skydiving experience & our indoor cornhole tournament ... but I WISH you could SEE the INSANE amount of gratitude I feel every morning that I wake up by his side.

I don’t know what I did to deserve such an incredible guy as a husband, a best friend, a baby daddy & a business partner but I can tell you that I thank God for him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!! 💕

Happy birthday, Jay BaeBae! Can’t wait to continue the celebration tonight. You. Are. Loved. ✨

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