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Making Up For Lost Time

I often go to the grocery store in the middle of a weekday with Austyn & Emery and will get asked from time to time, "Are you a stay at home dad?" I kind of am because I don't have to go to work at a location. I get to stay home and work our business in the cracks of the day while also being a full time parent.

It's been nearly two years since I adopted this girl right here. I feel extremely special that I was chosen to raise this child & our little Em. I'm especially glad that I actually have lots of time to spend with my kids.

I knew I wanted to be a dad someday, but never did I imagine that I would marry someone who already had a child.

I was a single bachelor at the time working toward being able to one day support a family but not realizing how close that family was to being real. When I started dating Alyssa, I knew Austyn was part of the package & I was more than okay with it... I didn't have it all together, nor will I ever. But I'm learning along the way, just like with anything else, that it's okay to just do your best.

I'm so grateful we built a business that not only provides us with an income, but also gives me time with this kid. Finding an opportunity that provides both is rare. But when we found a platform that enabled us to build the life we'd only ever dreamed of, you better bet, we ran with it!

I wasn't there when Austyn was a baby. But, that's okay. I'm making up for lost time now.

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