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I’m not crying... YOU’RE CRYING!!!

The other day in the car, out of curiosity, I asked... “Austyn, what do you want to be when you grow up??”

“I want to be a BALLERINA... in the CIRCUS!!” She said with giddy excitement.

We’ve enrolled Austyn in half day interest camps all summer & she’s been loving getting to try all sorts of new sports & hobbies, including ballet! We’ve also been playing a bunch of the soundtrack to “The Greatest Showman” so that explains the circus part of it.

“Oh... ANNNND, mom.... I reeaaaaawwy want to be a COACH!”

Obviously both of her parents coach full time so no huge surprise there but I wanted to know more. So I asked,

“WHY do you want to be a coach, Goosey?”

“Because,” she said matter-of-factly with a huge grin, “I want to help people!”

I’ve got a LOONNNG way to go to being a perfect parent, but this helped me know I’m doing something right. Because what I do as an online health & fitness coach has not so much to do with the income, the accolades, the trips, or the fun... at the end of the day, it’s ALL about the people that I’m helping.

And, the fact that my five year old recognizes that makes me BEAM! 😍

This little girl CAN accomplish ANYTHING she wants to do in this life. I firmly believe that for her & her sister ((& I even believe it for myself & will model that for them til the day I die)). Whether my kids go on to become ballerinas, circus performers, coaches, or something else entirely... I hope their WHY always includes helping others. 💕

When we got home that day, we found gifts on our front step full of Coach swag & Austyn begged to try it on right away so she could “get to work.” I couldn’t refuse & snapped this picture as she helped people “join her team” & start “being HEALFY.”

THIS. Right here, y’all: MADE. MY. MONTH. ✨

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