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We Are Called to Peace

Morning devotionals with my littlest girl before we have to get big sister ready for Kindergarten. ⁣ You ever feel a little unsettled with what’s coming next? Like you don’t know what to expect?? Yeah, me too. And for a chronic planner & recovering control freak, it’s hard to be at peace with an unknown future. ⁣ But, we are called to peace. No matter what grades our kids are starting. No matter how unsure you are of your next career steps. No matter what the doctor said or how shaky that relationship is.

It’s a wonderful thing to feel fully prepared and ready for what’s next. But, in life, that rarely happens. We are always (if we are really living) facing new challenges & new circumstances that we’ve never faced before. It shouldn’t take knowing ALL of the details in advance for you to be free of worry. If you are in stride with the Creator, that really should be enough. ⁣ There IS a plan for your life. A plan for your future. Even if you can’t see it. Let go of the worry & the struggle & lean into the unknown. Find that unexplainable peace & bask in its magical calm in the storm. It’s not about what’s next, my friends. FOCUS on what’s NOW. 💕

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