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God is LOVE

At any given moment, you can only do the BEST that you can do with the information you have. ⁣ It’s a paralyzing thing: Guilt. Thinking that you messed up SO BADLY that there’s no way in heck you’re still on the right path. That if there is a God, He’s gonna have a hard time turning the mess that you made into anything worth saving. ⁣ I’ve been there. I’ve thought that way. I’ve felt like I was: Too. Far. Gone. Until I realized something. God ALWAYS has another move. ⁣ Just when we think we must have run Him right out of options... that there’s no way for THIS MESS to become any sort of MESSAGE... that this CHAOS couldn’t possibly be part of a WHOLE... He brings the Universe into alignment to prove us wrong. ⁣ GOD is LOVE. & an unconditional, all knowing, all powerful LOVE like that CAN make good from our mistakes. HE can take the worst choices, & if we are willing to surrender OUR WORST & UGLIEST parts to Him... He can turn them into something beautiful. ⁣ There’s NOTHING you’ve ever done & nothing you will EVER do that can separate you from the love of the one who made you.⁣ Let go of shame. Let go of guilt. Embrace the beautiful collateral of a life that’s collided with LOVE & watch the miracles unfold. 💕

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