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Don't Let it Stop You

“I don’t know if I can do this...”

Literally the thought that ran through my head the first time I decided that I was going to workout for a half hour every day for 3 weeks. I hadn’t worked out consistently in YEARS, I was so weak, I was a single mom, I was SO TIRED & SO FREAKING BUSY. 😬

The first time I tried, I got sick & quit a week in. But, I didn’t give up.... I got back up as soon as I was able & gave it another go. And, one day at a time, I stuck with that commitment. And, 3 weeks later, I looked in the mirror & saw someone different. Sure, I lost a few pounds and toned up & felt stronger than I had in AGES. But, MORE than that... I saw BELIEF! I conquered something I didn’t think I could do &, girl, that feeling made me feel like... just maybe I could conquer the world!! Okay, okay, maybe just my toddler at nap time.

THIS was the first step of my two and a half year journey that has lead me to here. I have done an at-home program almost every day since. WHY? Because when you conquer your fitness, you conquer your MIND. 💯

You REALIZE that you are capable of doing the hard thing. Of STICKING to your commitments. Of CLIMBING past the excuses!

Fitness is SO NOT my life. There is so much that I do in a day. In fact, my workouts are still typically just 20-30 min long. Which, is just .05% of my day. There’s a WHOLE LOT of other stuff that goes on during the rest of it. My fitness though, eating all of the good fuel, this healthy lifestyle... I make sure it FITS into my life pretty darn well because it helps me DO THE THINGS that much better.

It’s the START that STOPS most people, my friend. Don’t let it stop you. ✨

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