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You WILL Make It

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way that God leads us. And, it’s funny, I used to think He would lead with a big ole treasure map. Like we’d be able to see the twists and turns that are coming, and know ahead of time X-actly where we are going to end up.

But, the more I’ve come to know Him, the more I see that the way He moves is a lot more like a navigation system. You can follow His voice but only one move at a time. ONLY AFTER you’ve turned right will you find out that the next turn will be a left. And, when you make the wrong turn, it’s nothing but grace upon grace as He re-routes you.

He never runs out of ways to get you where you were always meant to be. It might take you longer to get there than you thought it would & you might not know much about your destination. But, my friend, one thing I do know... You WILL make it. 💕

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