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This Commitment

Saturday was ALL costume party dance off’s on our coaches team call then hot coffee to warm hands on the soccer field because it definitely feels like fall. 🍁⁣ Then there was pizza and trophies for the kids after the last game, cleaning out the gutters before the next rain and Austyn’s school’s fall festival which sent us home with so much candy it’s insane!! (Hey! Im rhyming. Whoops! )⁣ BUT, YALL, Im still on my game!! Remember that PILOT TEST GROUP I’m a part of?! Well, we have been KILLIN it these last almost five weeks & I get to FINALLY start telling you more about it on Nov 1st!! 😍⁣ I’m usually much more a proponent of the 90/10 or even the 80/20 rule... where 90% of the time you eat according to plan & 10% of the time you eat for FUN!! But these last five weeks, I’ve been digging in my heels & doing my darndest to stick to our meal plan 100% for this new program pilot test group!! Jay’s done better than I have but I literally CANNOT wait to show y’all my results because even with not *perfect* nutrition >> these 20 min workouts are doing wonders for me!! I’m PROUD of myself and this commitment & the fact that we held it through our Vegas trip & again on days like today!! We’ve def got our accountability fit tribe to thank for that! 💯⁣ And, to be fair.... avoiding all the pizza, cheese, candy and treats is a HECKUVA lot easier knowing that I have a big ole bowl of chocolate peanut butter superfood ”nice cream” waiting for me at the end of the day. 😋⁣ #YUMMERS #MadeforBrave #GaliosHouse

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