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Looking Back at 2018

Looking back over 2018 and SO AMAZED at all that’s happened...⁣⁣😍

Little Emmy Rose joined the #GaliosHouse making us a family of four, I hired an editor & recently enlisted a few friends to help me get my book closer & closer to being it’s best (( so close now )), Nick’s life & story continues to impact more people every day, the happy video of Austyn finding out about her little sister has gone viral, I got to participate in a pilot test group for a brand new twenty min a day workout program that we are currently enrolling customers for NOW, we hired part time help for our business while our coaching team expanded exponentially as well, & we achieved a HUGE goal in the coaching world, becoming an ELITE team, currently ranked in the top 100 out of about half a million teams. ⁣⁣🎉🎉🎉 ⁣⁣ PHEW!!! I feel like it should have worn me out. I feel like I should feel burnt out but I just feel more fired up and inspired up to keep on going into 2019!!! We’ve worked hard this year for sure but we’ve been SO INTENTIONAL about celebrating the little milestones & adventures each day, about growing individually & together, that I just can’t help but be so excited for the year ahead!! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ God can do big things in a year, y’all, you just have to let Him!!! Its literally ALL possible with Him! 💕 ⁣⁣ PS. How cute is this top & duster?! I’m literally OBSESSED with how comfy & soft they BOTH are!! Definitely whipping this outfit back out for Christmas!! Check out Shop Smith and Vena & use my code: ALYSSA15 for a discount at checkout!!!

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