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As We Close Out 2018

Apparently we are closing out 2018 with the family flu... but, no matter. That just allows for extra time of reflection since we are missing out on all the parties. 😜⁣ One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned this year is this: “It’s possible to pursue something for yourself, while simultaneously showing up for the people you love.” ⁣ This year has been a CRAZY one. Our online fitness business has more than doubled, I finished up the manuscript for my book, I’ve started pitching agents, AND... oh yeah... we had another BABY!! To say we’ve been busy is an understatement for sure. But, I’m so dang proud at how INTENTIONAL we’ve been though. We’ve made sure to spend quality time together as a family every day & purposefully worked on strengthening our relationship as a couple almost every day, too. 💕 ⁣ Despite all of that intentionality, there was that one day during a crazy hustle season year that Austyn looked at me & said... “Mommy, I wish you never had to work.” ⁣ Dagger. to. the. heart. ⁣ Until I remembered the alternative. ⁣ My hubby COULD still be slaving away, 40+ hours a week at a “real job,” like he used to. I COULD still be working endless hours on writing projects that DID NOT matter to me. ⁣ We could be working JUST to pay the bills. But instead we chose to put in so many hours and work so hard at a side business that FULFILLS us... that it actually now DOES pay the bills. ⁣ It’s funny because my kid has NO CLUE how spoiled she is. ⁣ She doesn’t see the DREAM that it is for us to both be able to work from home, be passionate about our health, help others achieve incredible things, fitness wise & financially, & still normally be DONE with work by 3pm. (Tho often back at it once she is in bed.... because: #entrepreneurlife ) ⁣ This was our DREAM!! To be able to be there for our kiddo, to pursue passionately what we’ve been called to. And, we had to work SO HARD to make it her life. ⁣ And one day, y’all, I KNOW she will understand... She will be a mom herself, working to support her family, & I HOPE my example will set the stage for her to always be doing something she is passionate about... chasing after her very own dreams to make them REALITY. ⁣ Two nights ago, Austyn looked up at me, out of the blue, & said, “One day, when I’m a mom, I’m going to write a book!!” Heart. Melted. ⁣ “Baby girl, if you want to write a book... I know you will! You can do anything you want to, if you work hard at it and keep trying.” I squeezed her so tight but she didn’t see the tears in my eyes. All I could think was this... ⁣ If there’s ANYTHING I’ve done right in 2018... it wasn’t necessarily the paychecks, or the accolades our team achieved, or even the finished manuscript... it was my daughters getting to see their dad & I work together toward our goals while still being there for each other. ⁣ One day, I hope they find that they can do the very same. ✨

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