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Um...their DAD

I was gone this weekend, from Thursday through Sunday... & here are a few comments I heard from various sources leading up to my trip.

“Who will be with your kids while you’re gone?”

>> Um... their DAD.

“Hope you precooked some meals before you left...”

>> NOPE. I hardly ever cook.

“As long as the kids are alive when you get back, he will have done his job...“

>> Hardly. He does a lot more than just keep them breathing.

Jay makes almost all of our meals because he loves cooking & I don’t. He takes Austyn to school most days with her lunch that HE packed. He spends time playing with our little Em on the floor in the mornings & cuddling with our kiddos when they need it. We have worked really hard so that he can be here & at home just as much as I am. He fixes their booboos & reads them bedtime stories & helps them learn how to pick up their toys. Same. As. Me. Because we are our girls’ parents. And, y’all, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I know it must seem crazy to some, and unconventional to others, to see how INVOLVED my husband is in my kids’ lives. But, y’all, I honestly hope the future generations see even more of this.

Because this world needs more guys who aren’t afraid to take care of their families in more ways than one.

SO DANG THANKFUL for you Jay Galios!! Thanks for keeping the kids alive this weekend...

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