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Emery's First Snow Day

I. CAN. NOT. with her, you guys! Just look at that face!! 😍 And then look at that outfit!!

We took Emmy & Austyn up to the mountains last weekend to go sledding, only to come back home & find the weather followed us!! Snow flurries here & a delayed start in the morning for school mean more snow fun ahead but we had such a blast sledding on the pass & soaking up Emery’s very first snow day today!! ❄️

Also, I’ve decided I’m waiving my requirement to get a 10 month old picture this month. I’m too far past her actual ten month birthday anyway, so these snow pics will just have to suffice. And I’m SOOO okay with that!

Seriously, y’all, HOW CUTE IS SHE?!?! 💕

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