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Something BIIIIIG happened yesterday, y’all & Austyn snapped this pic as proof!!! What a little photog! 😍

If you’re on my email list, you’re already privy to this bit of BIG info and if you’re not.... well, then we can’t be friends. KIDDING!!

But seriously, if you’ve been following my insta stories (( which is where I mainly hang out these days )) you know that this week has been BUSY, to say the least! Kindergarten projects, new launches for our fit biz, crazy amounts of snow for the Seattle area, & a very active 10-month-old have all added up to a pretty crazy Galios House, that's for sure! But, an extra wave of awesomeness hit just last Tuesday. And, I'm not talking weather patterns!

After a referral from a friend of a friend, I was contacted by an independent Christian publisher, asking if I'd kindly pass along a copy of my manuscript. I was thrilled (( fo sho )) but definitely didn't get my hopes up. In the last few months, I'd sent this thing out to more than a handful of places to no avail and I planned on having to pitch it to a hundred more (seriously). But, then... I got an email. THE. EMAIL.

Tucked right in there between a couple of paragraphs that I'm sure were absolutely lovely... was THIS sentence: "This is an AMAZING story and we would LOVE to be part of your ministry!" About this time was when I almost fainted and, I'll fess up, definitely when I peed my pants a little in PURE EXCITEMENT... Not just because they were interested in my book, my friend. No. Because they somehow knew this was MORE than just a book to me!!

To take you back on a trip down memory lane, you might remember that the first draft of this book was written pretty quickly, as far as books go. But, you might also remember (( if you've been following me for over half a decade since I started my first blog )) that there were MANY previous attempts before that.

And, each one of those attempts had felt like pulling teeth.

It wasn't until I'd pushed the project aside for well over a year that I finally heard the words, "It's time." That was late Summer of 2017.

And Summer of 2017 could NOT have been a more inconvenient time to try to write a book.

I was 5 months pregnant with my second, Austyn was in school for only 2 hours and 45 minutes a day, I was newly remarried with a house that needed decorating, and we were freshly juggling the responsibilities of an online business that was growing at a rate that was hard to manage (( now we've got an incredible team and steller assistants who make this thing a breeze - thank GOD for them )). But, the crazy level of inconvenience was part of how I knew it couldn't have been my idea.

It would have been SO EASY for me to say, "NOPE. Not now." But, you better believe, I've learned to listen to the Big Guy upstairs. Because He's honestly NEVER led me wrong. Especially when it doesn't make sense.

So, I sat down, obediently (( and trepidatiously )) to write. And, y'all... it poured out. The entire manuscript. In three months.

But, it honestly feels like a LIFETIME since this project began. So many tears, so many years, and so many lessons have gone into making this thing a reality. And, y'all, THAT EMAIL up there... THAT just got us ONE HUGE LEAP CLOSER to holding it in our hands!

I signed the contract today!!! The wheels are in motion... We are talking title, cover design, final edits, layout... It's INCREDIBLE!! But, it's also STILL the publishing industry so you all have to be patient with me. Some of this moves slower than your grandma on dial-up. 😉

You better believe, as soon as I have more details, I will be sending them to my email list FIRST! In the meantime, I'll just be over here cheersing my champs with the hubby!! Because, this dream definitely didn't come true without a LOT of hard work on his part, too!

EVER GRATEFUL for you & your support!! Keep being Brave, my friend. I PROMISE YOU it will be worth it!

XO, Alyssa

PS... ALL of the details on release dates are RIGHT AROUND the corner so make sure you enter your email address at alyssagalios .com/book to stay up to snuff!! YOU WON’T want to miss this!!

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