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When God's in it...

This has certainly been true of a few things in my experience.

Like my relationships with the loves of my life... Like this book I’m getting to publish... Like that time I found the perfect house to rent as a single mom in a crazy market... but there’s been other times, it doesn’t feel so much like flow.

Sometimes it feels like fighting for what I know I’m supposed to fight for. So how do I know when I’m on the right path? How do I know if God is in it?

It’s a deep sense of peace, a deep sense of KNOWING something has been placed on your heart by something greater than yourself.

When God’s in it, it flows... most of the time. But, sometimes, God gives you the dream and wants to see if you’re willing to fight for it before He’ll ever let you stumble upon the flow.

Don’t be discouraged. Keep pressing forward, keep praying, keep working your tail off, & do it all until the magic happens. ✨

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