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Sum It Up

Today I was tasked with coming up with a subtitle for my book... it was hard enough to sum up my story in 300 pages or less. Trying to sum it up in less than 7 words has been dang near impossible. ⁣ Because how do you summarize finding courage in the midst of chaos, miracles in the middle of a mess & love in the face of impossible loss?⁣ When I think back to this insane story... to what God’s done, I can’t help but be amazed. The fact that my second chapter got to come along after I found HOPE is like unbelievable icing on an already incredible cake. ⁣ Just curious... for those of you who know my story... how would YOU sum it up in 7 words or less?? ⁣ #MadeforBraveBook PS If you want in on cover design, get your email entered at MadeforBrave .com/Book! A new email should be coming out this week!! 😍⁣

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