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Just Go For It

It took me getting smacked upside the head by reality to SNAP. OUT. OF. IT.

My husband getting stage four cancer at 25 years old was the worst thing I could have ever imagined... EVER. God didn’t cause it. He never ever would do something like that. But, He did figure out (like the genius He is), *many* ways to make GOOD come from a totally horrible situation. ⁣ Just ONE of those good things brought about from horrible... that SMACK in the face helped me realize my way of life was, to be blunt, a series of choices that were made in fear. I didn’t realize it immediately but the more I dove into love, the more I found it. Fear was everywhere. I was scared of being seen (because what if people didn’t like what they saw), I was scared of pursuing my calling (because what if I failed), I was scared of showing up in my marriage (because what if I wasn’t enough), and I was SCARED ISH-LESS of asking the BIG questions (because what if the answers weren’t what I hoped they would be?).⁣ The BEST things I’ve done in my life since Nick passed away were leaps of faith, made in love, in spite of fear. Every single one of them. I had to choose to move forward anyway. I chose the hard thing of facing a challenge or a hurt or a story I’d spent decades telling myself because I got so sick of being in the same place. I decided the discomfort of new situations would be easier than the discomfort of not living into the person that I KNEW, deep down, God had created me to be. ⁣ Let’s tell it like it is y’all. Growth SUCKS. It’s HARD. It’s confusing. But EVERY new level will bring new challenges and if you aren’t being faced with new challenges, my friend, are you really living? Or are you just trying to stay comfortable? ⁣ Whatever it is that lights your soul on fire and makes your heart skip a million beats. That thing that just might change your world for the better & maybe other people’s too... for the record, I think you should go for it. 💕⁣ #MadeforBraveBook #MadeforBrave #MindfullyMade

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