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First Tooth

Austyn lost her first tooth on Easter!! In true #AustynElizabeth fashion, she hasn’t stopped talking about it or showing people her gap since. 🤣 As kids, we get excited about losing our first tooth. But I think that’s one of the only things we are ever glad to lose.

Change is uncomfortable, my friend. Whether you are losing hope for a specific future you planned for yourself, losing a relationship you thought would be around forever, losing direction on what you thought would be your first big dream come to life or losing a person that you literally can’t imagine living without... IT SUUUCKS.

Nobody wants to lose. Nobody wants to change. But growth comes because of the challenges. We improve often only because we were forced to by change. Our Creator knows us better than we know ourselves. And when we are losing something dear to us, He’s already figured out how He can work everything together so that loss makes you stronger, better... Braver.

Maybe you had to lose it, so your hands had room to grab onto something else??

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