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Bittersweet Memories

SO MUCH emotion the last few days you guys. I’m literally on the verge of what feels like bittersweet blessing break-down. Is that even a thing? It SHOULD be!

So many bittersweet memories flooding back to when Austyn was Emery’s age & the grief-stricken life the two of us girls were living after Nick died, & then beautiful new memories being created with our family of four. Memories of KNOWING God was working together something INCREDIBLE from our heartbreak then but not knowing WHAT & now SEEING HIM move with the #MadeforBrave book.

Honestly, have you ever heard the story of Job? I feel like THAT guy. And it’s overwhelming & amazing & hard & incredible & wonderful & broken & raw & real &... the way the pieces fit together OVERWHELM with beauty & wonder.

Y’all, give me a second, & send over an extra box of tissues... I’m a wreck! 😭😍💕

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