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Step One

Do more of the thing that lights your soul on fire... EXTRA POINTS if that thing also brings you a personalized unicorn onesie. 😂⁣ No, but seriously. I can’t even tell you guys how grateful I am for these girls right here (and many others that aren’t pictured). When I first started my online coaching journey, I figured it would be just as lonely as every other entrepreneurial endeavor I’ve tackled. When I owned my own writing business, there were days I SO WISHED for coworkers, for someone to TALK to. For someone who got it. (Though, in the six years I’ve worked for myself, I’ve never once wished for a boss again. #TRUTH 😝) ⁣ It can be HARD to build your own thing. It might be one of the scariest challenges you’ll ever face to put yourself out there & really go after your dreams, putting in hours & hours of work & never really knowing if it will pay off. But, when I found this little coaching world, where all the tools for my success were at my fingertips, and where I could be surrounded by inspiring women every single day, I about pinched myself. A business with FRIENDS built in!! Is this real life?? I knew it would be IMPOSSIBLE to fail, unless I gave up. ⁣ Everyday, I get to work on becoming a better version of myself & help other women do the same, all while making incredible real life friends along the way. Never in my wildest dreams did I think saying yes to trying out an online fitness accountability group would lead me here... Where I end up romping around Seattle at 31-years-old after a half day of wonderful, fulfilling work on a dare in unicorn getup we earned for achieving some big business goals, but, hey-I’ll take this crazy entrepreneurial life over a boring commute ANYTIME!! ⁣ If you don’t know where you want to go in life but you know you want to go SOMEWHERE... My friend, it starts with the first step. ONE STEP in ANY direction could lead you to a future brighter than your wildest dreams. ⁣ ONE STEP. You just gotta be brave enough to TAKE it. #MadeforBrave

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