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Excited Big Sister

This big sister is soo excited to meet her newest sibling!! Almost every day she asks me “How is your baby doing in there?” It’s. Adorable.

In the morning, I pray over her for her day while I do her hair & ask for prayer requests. Today, she wanted me to pray that “Nama’s schedule would open up so she can have a sleep over.”🤣 My mom promised her one as soon as she has a free weekend.

“AND,” Austyn continued, “that the baby would grow and grow and grow so that he can get big enough to POP out.” (She’s thoroughly convinced that this little one in my tummy is a baby brother)!

I had such a great time with our #MadeforBraveCoaching leaders in Arizona but it feels so good to be home with my family, too. Love our #GaliosHouse & still so over-the-moon that we get to grow by “two feet” soon! 😍

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