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Happy Father’s Day

Honestly, my plan never included you... in my mind, the future I created in my head as a kid and as a teenager, never included a chapter two. It never looked like a blended family or anything like what’s brought us here today. ⁣ I never imagined my first child would be left fatherless. I never imagined the gaping hole that would exist in my family just months after starting one. ⁣ A second chapter (basically a whole other book) might not have been a part of my original plan... but I firmly believe God had you in mind from the very beginning. ⁣ The life you found me in, the one where I was living as a widowed single mom... it wasn’t a traditional one. I wasn’t like any of the other girls you dated and you weren’t like any of the guys I dated. In fact, I’d met you 8 years prior & swore we’d never even be friends. ⁣ But, God was working His magic. In the midst of life & heartbreak & loneliness & despair, He was molding our hearts to, one day, fit together seamlessly. ⁣ You never saw my daughter as a package deal, a responsibility you just had to accept. You always (rightly) saw her as a bonus, a gift, a blessing. And when the time was right, there was no question in your mind that you wanted to be her father in every sense of the word. You adopted her into your heart the day we got married & months later, you claimed it before a judge. You promised to always love her, provide for her, teach her, & guide her, to be there for her, even when she’s a teenager & makes you madder than you ever thought possible... You promised you would always take her back. No matter what. That’s what true love is. ⁣ Every year that passes, I’m in awe of the growing connection you have with Austyn & seeing you create that incredible father- daughter bond with little Emery is like icing on a maple bar - the best part! I feel SO UNDENIABLY BLESSED we’ll get to add our third babygirl to this mix THIS year!! ⁣ I’m more in love with you, more impressed by you, and more blessed by you today than ever before!⁣ Happy Father’s Day, Jay! Thank you for being everything this little family never knew we needed. We love you.... #always 💕⁣ #GaliosHouse #MadeforBrave

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