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The Cravings are REAL!

The cravings have been absolutely REAL. Today I woke up wanting nothing more than a Chonga bagel & cream cheese.

But these healthy habits aren’t easy to beat because I KNOW my body (and my baby) needs more than just empty carbs for breaky.

So, first things first, I chugged my breakfast shake that tastes like a chocolate milkshake but serves up as much nutrition as FIVE superfood salads from my fav Whole Foods salad bar (plus probiotics & 20+ grams of vegan protein - NOMS!!) & then... you better bet, I got that Chonga.

Jay Galios & I are off on a little surprise getaway he planned for our third anniversary!! & he still won’t tell me where we are going. It’s gotta be in Washington because we will only be gone one night & so far we are NORTH of Everett. Any guesses?!

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