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No Place I'd Rather Be

Been sitting on the couch most of today, still in my PJ’s, baby kicking in my belly, cuddled right up next to my sweet eldest child... it seems we’ve managed the pain for now. Catching up on work & cant help but be EVER SO GRATEFUL for our coaching business that allowed me to take as much time as I needed off this week & work in the cracks of my days when it works for me. 💕 ⁣ Also thankful for my incredible husband who is truly a partner in crime for all of this parenting & business building. AND, for this smiling soon to be middle child whose never ending giggles always spread the LIGHT!! ✨ ⁣ Not quite the end of summer weekends that we had in mind, but there’s not a twinge of jealousy for those still on vacation. Because this family of mine... when they’re here with me. It doesn’t matter where I am - there’s just no place I’d rather be! #galioshouse #sodangthankful

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