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Made for Brave is officially AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-ORDER!! 😍😭& I might not have been able to sleep last night because of it.

I’ve worked harder and longer on this project than anything else in my entire life. It’s taken hundreds and hundreds of hours... but every second has been labor of love.

You guys, I poured my story into these pages. The questions I get MOST often: How do you find so much happiness after knowing how deep despair can drag you down? How do you believe in a good God after what happened to you? How did the things that broke your heart turn into the very things that fixed your vision?

I’m not going to preach at you in this book. Nope. But I AM going to take you on a journey. You’ll see it all through my eyes, walking with me - through the moments that shaped me, the questions that plagued me & the answers that found me.

I’m so incredibly excited, you guys!! Not for me. But for YOU. I’m excited for you to experience the story that absolutely changed my life from the inside out.

Today, the big goofy smile I can’t wipe off my face is because I FINALLY get to announce all across all of social media that YOU have a chance to secure your copy NOW!!

I seriously cannot even tell you how grateful I am to you, to this community. Y’all are my people & your love and support means the world!


This is JUST the beginning of what’s about to be a heckuva ride.

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