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Patience Aint My Strong Suit

I'm so DANG IMPATIENT sometimes. I just want to know what God's plan is RIGHT NOW. I want to SEE what it looks like for me 2, 5 & 10 years down the road. 🙏🏼 But, all that is privileged information. And, as long as I keep living out my life & doing my best everyday, I WILL be led. One day at a time. Right now, I'm spending so much of my day helping other people live their best lives now with my hubby by my side (almost 😜). The REST of my day is spent with my little girl, playing "house," puppet show, or building play dough creations. I don't know what life is supposed to be. But I do know that THIS feels pretty dang CLOSE. One year ago today, I had NO IDEA where I would be today. Healthy as I've ever been. Impacting my family for health & watching them change to better versions of themselves before my very eyes. Helping people find their BEST selves is EXACTLY the kind of fulfilling work I ALWAYS thought I would do BUT had no idea how I would GET. 😍 Keep holding on, friend. God isn’t done with your story yet, either. 👌🏼 #madeforbrave #21daystofitwithalyssa

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