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Dang, this feels GOOOD!

A little over one year ago today... I didnt look LIKE THIS. And, I DEFINITELY didnt FEEL like THIS! 🤗 I remember going in to pick out my wedding dress in February. When I FINALLY found the PERFECT one after a whole weekend of searching, I was SO EXCITED!! But, then, I had to have my measurements taken... 😬 "Your measurements are kind of weird so we are going to have to order a large dress and take it in. Just because, well, your body kind of goes like this:" Sales lady makes a rectangle with her hands. "YEAH, lady, I know... I have no waist. I never have," I thought. I looked in the mirror as she measured and I tried to stand straight with my shoulders back. But holding that posture for more than 2 minutes was practically unbearable. I had gotten in a bad car accident years before when I had been rear-ended by a car going 40mph when I was at a dead stop. I had 5 bulging discs in my neck & back and drs told me the only thing that *MIGHT* help was a back surgery. 🤔 Because it wasn't a sure deal, I never did that surgery. AND, now, I am INSANELY grateful!! 🙏🏼 What started out as a quest to get a little waist going for that dress and drop a dress size turned into me achieving a body that I NEVER imagined possible for myself. It turned into my previously CHRONIC back pain all but disappearing and the ability to stand straight for as long as I would darn-well please! 😍 My energy has SKYROCKETED!! I used to survive off caffeine and now I hardly think of it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The abs I thought I LOST when I gave birth and the dang things separated are somehow BACK & in ACTION. 🎉 And a LOT of the grief that I battled after my first husband died has started to turn into something more... Not survivors guilt. But survivors OBLIGATION. I feel OBLIGATED to help other people find the kind of health I've found that my husband was never able to enjoy in his adult years. 🙋🏼 I feel OBLIGATED to tell people of the ways they can PREVENT disease, banish pain & achieve a level of health & freedom in life that they never thought possible. 💃🏻 THIS *me.* The one you see here. She's the SAME person as the *me* from a year ago... just BETTER. ❤️ If you are AT ALL interested in attempting to find the best version of your self and your life, let's chat. Our next 3 week online group starts soon!! I can promise you, if you go on this journey, one year from now... you WON'T be sorry. 💪🏼 #MadeforBrave #21DaystoFitwithAlyssa 

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