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Twenty Weeks!! And SO Obsessively Grateful.

We are halfway there & #BabyBrave is the size of a small cantaloupe!!! 🙆🏼

Right on track with weight and length & all the glorious baby things. 👶🏼

Jay & I have been doing TONS of house projects. 🏡 Which mainly means *Ive* been decorating / organizing / taking naps &&& *HE’s*been putting together furniture. lol. 😂

We’ve got a color scheme picked out for the nursery (mainly white & gold with PINK thrown in there for good measure!) 👌🏼

ANNNNND... we have a name!!! 🤗

We aren’t sharing on here *just* yet but don’t be surprised when we randomly or sneakily drop the news this week!! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Make sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM too! 🙋🏼You never know what kind of craziness will end up in my stories. 😝

Freaking THANKFUL for this journey thus far! And, EXCITED for the rest!!

Plus, a little nervous because I BEEN pregnant in the third trimester before... And, y’all, things get weird. 🤣

I’m already bumping my belly into walls and doors and things & I know we are JUST getting started. 🤰

LOOOOVE sharing this journey with y’all. 🤗This is one I didn’t expect to be on again for a number of reasons but let me tell y’all something... 👉🏼It’s so DAMN incredible to find myself time and time again in places I never thought were possible for me. 🙌🏼

Happy. Healthy. Married. Pregnant.

These are all things I thought I might never be again. 😌

Proof is in the pudding folks (and apparently I’ve eaten A LOT of it 🤦🏼‍♀️🤗🤰🤣)...


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