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Don't Quit Before the Magic Happens

You CANNOT hammer a few nails into a board, workout for a week, or “give your business your all” for a month and EXPECT life changing results! 😏#realtalk

For example, TWO YEARS AGO today, our house was just a block of CONCRETE. 🙆🏼

BUT, spend EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year working on ANY project (whether it's a house or your own self) & eventually you'll find yourself in the smack dab middle of MASSIVE results! 😍

It may feel slow-going at the start but, SOONER THAN YOU THINK, you'll look back & realize JUST HOW FAR YOU'VE come! 💁🏼‍♀️

As I reflect on these last two years, I'm blown away!!!

We’ve turned this house into a home, we’ve become an official family, we’ve completely transformed our health (one day at a time) & ALL the lives being changed through our online fitness business: JUST 💯!!

There were some days where I wondered if progress was being made at all.

But, I KNOW how the compound effect works...

& CHANGE takes CONSISTENT hard work (whether it’s just one nail or one 30 min workout at a time) over a LONG PERIOD of time. 🤗

SO, take my word for it & know:

If you....

✔️ STICK WITH IT. If you... ✔️ HOLD ON. If you can... ✔️ WAIT until the MAGIC HAPPENS.

I PROMISE you, all the hard work will be WORTH IT! ✨

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