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Miracle of Life & Emery's Specialist

A FEW of you have noticed that something seems off about our little Emmy’s right eye (especially if you’re following my insta stories where I share a lot more videos & pics of our family life). So, I wanted to take a sec to update y’all... 🤗

The second Emery Rose was born, I was overcome by the clarity of her bright blue eyes & the innocence in them. I instantly remembered the very same moment when Austyn was born. Oh, the beauty & MIRACLE of new life!! 👶🏼

As time continued to pass with our sparkling new bundle of JOY, we noticed her right eye wasn’t opening as much as her left. We also discovered a hard lump directly under that very eye & some subsequent swelling. And, at five days old, when she was seen by her pediatrician, we were advised to take her directly to a specialist at the next available appointment. 💕

We were warned that this lump COULD be SERIOUS. And, for a woman like me who has seen a suspicious spot turn into the very thing that took my loved one’s life two years later, that knowledge... that this COULD be serious... brought me STRAIGHT to reality. 😮

This was another NEWSFLASH that we DON’T have control over EVERYTHING & that SOMETIMES, no matter what we do, things WON’T go our way. And, y’all, we will ALL get those newsflashes THROUGHOUT our lives.

LUCKILY, I’m at a place now where I’m grateful for every one of them. Even the ones that hurt & make my heart STOP. Maybe not in the exact moment, but eventually, I can always see that silver lining. 🌥

Because FACING the UNKNOWN is how we learn to really live. And, HOW we OVERCOME our CHALLENGES is EXACTLY how we figure out what we are made of. ✨

I’m SO GLAD to say that appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist (a children’s eye specialist) ended up going as WELL as we could have hoped for! Little Miss simple has a blocked drainage tube (in layman’s terms) that is causing some build up of sinus goop that’s forming a bit of a cyst under her sweet little eyeball. 🕶

BUT, what’s awesome is that, even though this is fairly rare for a newborn (1 in 4,000), for MANY it clears up on its own as they grow and their anatomy & passageways enlarge! 😍

SOMETIMES complications arise that mean these little babes to have a procedure to correct it but we are praying that this will resolve itself naturally as she grows so she doesn’t have to have surgery. 🙏🏼

We are SERIOUSLY so grateful for all of your SWEET WORDS welcoming little Emmy Rose to the world! As of today, she is TWO WEEKS old, & I’m happy to say, she’s already almost a POUND OVER her birth weight!! 💕Little girl is THRIVING & we couldn’t be more PROUD! 😌

THANK YOU for your constant love & support!! And ANY prayers or good vibes you can throw her way for a successful natural resolution would be so appreciated! 😍

Credit for this stellar pic goes to: Sparrow & Sea Photography 👌🏼

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