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Work, but don't get too comfortable.

One year ago today, I quit my full time job!

I knew early on I wanted to design the life I was going live and not be controlled by time or money.

I dreamed of a life of freedom, an amazing marriage, incredible kids, a life of travel, and serving others. I just wasn't quite sure how to make this happen.

As a kid, I witnessed most adults work 'regular' jobs, typically Mon-Fri, 40ish hours a week, doing something they didn't even really enjoy, but they did it anyways because it payed the bills. I knew I didn't want to fall into the same pattern.

A couple years after graduating college, I accepted a job as an Account Executive for one of the largest apparel manufacturers and distributors in the world. It was a great opportunity, but it wasn't my aspiration. As I continued to climb the corporate ladder, those dreams I once had started to dwindle away as I got 'comfortable'. I started to settle and justify why I was no longer pursuing how I actually wanted to live.

Shortly after reconnecting with Alyssa and eventually getting engaged, she wanted to get toned for our wedding and maybe even if she could get her auto immune disease under control. Despite her suspicions that it "definitely wouldn't work" she decided to join an online challenge group that one of my best friends Jacki was leading and just TRY it. After one round, Alyssa was hooked, her energy was BACK & she felt stronger than ever before. Just a couple months later she was able to wean herself off of ALL her meds & decided to start paying it forward to help others also live healthier lives. It wasn't long after that when I decided to jump on board and caught a bigger vision of what this could do for us and how many lives we could impact along the way.

A year into the business, we were growing fast and we took leap of faith, we decided I should leave my job so I could help more with the biz. And although we weren't quite making as much in our business as I was at my job, we knew that if we really wanted to make this work the way we wanted, we needed to go all in. That was a year ago. And since that leap of faith, our business income has DOUBLED. We've helped hundreds of people get on track with their health and fitness journeys.

A couple years ago, if you told me I'd be doing what I do now working from home with my wife, helping people live healthier and more fulfilling lives, I wouldn't have believed you.

Our 'job' enables this to happen! We work from where we want, earn an incredible income, and help a ton of people! Our team is exploding, we're mentoring others to build their own part time or full time business too! If you've ever wondered what we actually do as coaches and how this could potentially be a part time or full time thing for you too, I'm happy to chat! Don't just trade your time for money. Build an asset doing something you can be passionate about.

You were not born to be average. Dreams DO come true, but you've got to take action to make them happen! We're pursuing our dreams! How about you?

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