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Live Brave.

I spent MONTHS lying next to my best friend as he slowly faded from this world. He was 27. Here are a few things he said...


>> I WISH I could have spent more time with you.

>> I really wish I would have worked less & been home more.

>> I WISH I could play baseball again.

>> I wish I could be there to watch my daughter grow up.

>> I WISH I could have an ice cold beer.

>> I wish we could go camping again & I wish we took more vacations.

>> I WISH I would have danced more with you.

>> I wish I took better care of my body when I was healthy... I didn’t really realize what I had.

>> I WISH I took you on more dates.


I live my life honoring the lessons my late husband Nick Magnotti taught me. His words will forever impact my life. WHY??

Because I don’t want to wish I did more with what I’ve been given. Because when I work, I want it to be work that MAKES A DIFFERENCE in other people’s lives.

Because when I spend time with my family, I WILL NOT settle for just a few hours a day. Because when I take care of MY LIFE, I’m saying thank you to the one who created it.

Because tomorrow is NEVER certain. And safety is NEVER promised. You might as well live a life you’re proud of...

You might as well live BRAVE.

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