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Adventure of Life

Your whole world can shift in an instant. Things like disease, divorce, death, or new life... these things alter our reality entirely. Suddenly. 🤗

And then there’s how your whole world changes in tiny increments, every single day, seemingly invisible... until you take notice. Like how our children grow only one day at a time & yet their “suddenly” in school (or out of it). Or how the best friend you used to know slowly drifts away until you realize

they’re virtually a stranger. Or how your best friend gets sick & then ever so slowly drifts into the next world, the only place where you cannot follow. 😢

All these changes in life could give a person whiplash, I’m telling y

ou. But, the older I get, the more I realize that the better we get at accepting the fact that NOTHING on this Earth ever stays the same... the better we will be at living out and LOVING this adventure. ✨

I’m not great with change... I never have been. I like things to stay the same for the most part. But, I’ve seen so many tides shift, so many people change, so many relationships take on an entirely new form that I like to think I’m getting better at moving forward through each and every change. #practicemakesperfect

At the very least, I know I’m better at accepting change than I used to be. 🤷🏼‍♀️And I’ll take PROGRESS over PERFECTION any day.

INSANELY grateful for a CREATOR who always stays the same. Who never ever changes. His love is all that is steadfast in this life & dannng, I’m so grateful I always have HIM as an ANCHOR. 💕

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