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One Day. One Step.

YOU GUYS!!! I //still// CANNOT believe the CRAZY ways that God works!!! 💕

Three years ago, I was 27 years old. I was a single widowed mom. My auto immune disease was attacking me from the inside out. My immune system was fragile & my body was weak. I was constantly fatigued, working my booty off to support myself & my 2 and a half year old baby girl. When home, I LIVED on the couch.

Now?? Just three years later... A desire to help myself heal (CHECK & CHECK) >> turned into a love for whole wellness >> which turned into a desire to help others on their own wellness (read #obsessed) >> which (PINCH ME) freaking turned into this CRAZY awesome biz opportunity that allows us to stay home with our kiddos Every. Single. Day.

Seriously. What THE What?!?

Let me ask you, what if you let THIS summer be an AGENT of CHANGE for YOU like that summer was for me??

How might YOUR life change three years from now if you stopped saying “ONE DAY...” & instead stepped up to the plate & just BEGAN working toward a healthier version of you??

ONE step of faith might just lead you to your destiny. You’ll never know until you begin. ✨

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