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THANK YOU for making us FOUR!

Every single day that passes, I count myself SO DANG LUCKY to be this girl’s mama!

I cannot believe how blessed we’ve been to have her in our lives. I kid you not, this child smiles almost CONSTANTLY. 😍

She doesn’t smile as big when the phone is out BUT you should see the HUGE GRIN that spreads across her face when we hide the camera. Her laugh is like heaven, she’s got leg rolls & arm rolls for days & she’s starting to scoot on her tummy!! Emery loves to talk (like the other girls in her family hahaha) & napping with dad in the rocker is becoming a regular occurrence after lunch!! 💕

This girl’s four month check up isn’t until tomorrow & I was going to wait to post this until I had the stats & post more INSTEAD about the CRAZY AMAZING business stuff that just went down this week.... but, I can barely process any of that just yet because it’s SO INCREDIBLE!! So, let’s just leave it at that & say that my guess is that this little girl is still tracking on the TALL side! ✨

I think that’s all for now but should note. Some days, I still find it SO HARD to believe (like I’m literally IN AWE) that what started out as just Austyn & I has become this family!

Our we turned into three & eventually into more! EMMY ROSE, you precious girl, THANK YOU for making us FOUR! 😭😍😭😍

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