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Test Your Limits

You never know what you are capable of until you test your limits. ⁣ I don't care if we are talking about relationships, business, fitness or your soul. You wont know if you are capable of digging deeper or reaching higher if you never PUSH yourself to try. ⁣ Its so easy to count ourselves out before we've even begun. Its easy to look at the thing in front of us & decide that we can't do it. But, the more I am introduced to the kind of people branded with the courage I strive for, the more I realize something. ⁣ MOST of us are BORN confident. But, the stories we tell ourselves & the stories people tell us when we are kids sometimes make us believe we are capable of MUCH LESS than our true potential. ⁣ So, go for it, girl. Shoot for those dreams. Throw your hat in the ring. Get out of your own dang way & let those baby steps toward more lead you to BIGGER leaps than you could have ever imagined. The world is waiting! 💕

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