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You Were Made to Live a Brave Life

80 days of home workouts during nap time.

Down 7 lbs with definite muscle GAINS. 💯

Sometimes you really just have to get started. The more action you take, the more MOTIVATED you’ll feel. I decided to COMMIT & then I took ACTION. I leaned into my Fit Tribe, used the tools & TRUSTED the process.

I did the workouts even on the days where it would have been easy to let my excuses win. And, y’all, if I could do this with a five year old running circles around my feet, a newborn demanding my attention, book deadlines & a skyrocketing business, then YOU CAN TOO.


Our next Fit Tribe, kicks off right after the kids go back to school & timing couldn’t be better!

• FOUR 30-ish minute workouts a week. • Healthy but BALANCED meal plans, fully adjustable to YOU. • ME as your personal obsessed-with-getting-you-there online health COACH. • & the SECRET SAUCE, a judgement free accountability tribe that ALWAYS has your best interests at heart. 💕

Friend, no matter what you’ve been telling yourself... you CAN do this. Your family deserves a healthy & happy version of you. You will be AMAZED at what’s possible.

Let me hand you the tools to help you transform your life.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!! You were made to live a Brave life, babe, I promise! 😘

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