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One of Those Days

Do you ever have those days that just start out feeling sorta ICK??

Yeah, me too!! 😬

This afternoon, I was feeling a bit beat up. Letting old tapes play in my head about how I’m not good enough or smart enough or brave enough to be trying to change the world. Then, thoughts of how I’m also somehow too much. Too happy for some, too outspoken for others, & possibly overly optimistic.

I was trudging around the house a little bit & then I logged into our Fit Tribe to check in on our girls. I saw them crushing their workouts. I read through their mini challenge answers from yesterday... Name five things that you love about yourself. 😳 We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, insecurities & old negative thoughts BUT this little community of mine reminded me that we don’t need to focus on THOSE things all the dang time.

So, I thanked my babes, shut my phone & I got to WERK, chugging my unicorn crack ✨ for an extra burst of energy & hammered out my 30 minute workout, telling myself how much I’m LOVED by my Creator & that everything about me that feels like too much or too little, He crafted ENTIRELY on purpose.

The self love journey is never ending & not often easy, y’all. But, it’s entirely worth it. Plus, post workout vibes got me all: 😍

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