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Own Your Power

LISTEN UP!! YOU have more POWER than you think.

OWN it. 💪

Took some pictures for a little recognition that our Made for Brave Fitness team has earned and remembering back to the life I used to live. The one I felt was dragging me along, then running me over and spitting me back out. I used to feel like I had NO power, NO choice, NO decisions. I thought I was STUCK in my job at 25. I'd hit the ceiling. This would be my next 50 years. Then I got smacked upside the head with truth.

I CHOSE THIS. And, I could choose again.

So often we place blame on other people or we place blame on God. We blame our ex for ruining our life. We blame our bosses for making us work a million hours a week. We blame our kids for the reason why we can't do things. We blame God for having a passionless existence.

But, y'all. You have a choice. In ALL of that. NOBODY can ruin your life without your permission. YOU get to decide how you feel, what you do, and what MEANING you give to any and every situation.

I used to try to blame God all the time for the way my life was going. I used to blame him for the crappy commute and my auto-immune disease, for my sub-par relationship with my husband, for my lack of time and energy, but I never owned my own power. I never wanted to admit that I had ALL the TOOLS in the WORLD to change my situation. So, I subconsciously chose to believe I didn't. I chose to believe I was POWERLESS and, ya'll, that's not who God made us to be.

He made us to MOVE. He made us to be able to make choices, to have passion, to create dreams. He made us to be BRAVE.

Own your power. Stop handing it over to other people. Stop trying to blame it all on God.

You are living the life that YOU put up with. & your level of happiness is entirely your own decision. Start acting like it then step back to see what happens!! 😍

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