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We’re All Human!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m insane, sharing all of my struggles on social media. But, when I think about the kind of relationships I’m looking to build at this stage in my journey, it’s the AUTHENTIC ones I want most... so I can’t imagine being anyone else than ME. I tend to air my dirty laundry for the world to see... & even have had some particularly less-than-attractive things that I’ve never talked about on social media make their way into my book. ⁣ I could be sick about it. But I’m not. I’m actually excited!! God told us to boast in our weaknesses & He’s only done incredible things with even all the worst stuff I’ve done... so boasting in those some of the moments I’m not near proud of is exactly what I’m doin. 🙈⁣ Also, as an FYI, you definitely won’t get a carefully curated photography smorgasbord of gorgeous shots over here. Sometimes I can get my hubby to snag a good pic or I can prop my phone up against something, set a timer & trap a moment in time. But mostly, I’ll share post workout sweaty selfies like this one of me in a hotel bathroom with a nice little toilet in the background (( hey, at least I blurred it out )).⁣ It’s so dang easy to get caught up in this crazy world of everyone sharing their highlights. The good things. The perfectly angled shots of their beautiful kiddos in matching clothes. But, y’all, those incredible mamas & gorgeous kids are just like you & your family on the other side of that screen. & “even Beyoncé poops.” 💩😂⁣ Point being... We’re all human!! And it’s crazy that we even have to remind ourselves of that but I really think, in this day & age, it’s important that we do!! ⁣ If you find yourself comparing your life to other people’s social media feeds, stop it. Stop it right now. Even those of us trying to bare it ALL - naturally won’t be sharing pics of the open food pouch our babies just lobbed all over the car because.... lets be honest, NOBODY wants to see that. 😑⁣ You feel me?? #MadeforBrave

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